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on Friday, 20 April 2012
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There is literally always something fun to do at UDM Law.  And there is always at least one law school friend to do it with.  This is just one of the many reasons I have so much fun here.

Last Saturday, I went to the Voice for Justice Auction.  The auction was held at the Detroit Golf Club.  It was awesome!  A lot of students came from different levels (i.e. 1Ls, 2Ls, etc.).  The event ran smoothly.  The food was good.  The students had a great time!  The alums had a great time!  The faculty had a great time!  It was just a wonderful evening, and a really impressive event.  The faculty, administrators, and students that worked on the auction did an excellent job. 

On Monday, the new SBA Executive Officers were officially installed.  So I am OFFICIALLY the new SBA Executive President!  I am really honored to have this position because UDM Law is a great school with great people, and I get to work with most of them.  I love that!  I truly am blessed. 

On Wednesday, we had the Book Award Ceremony.  Book Awards are awards granted to students who received the highest grade in their class.  My family came down from Brampton (city 40 minutes from Toronto) to support me.  That was nice.  My Mom brought me some homecooked food.  That was also nice.  ;)  

I introduced my family to just about everyone I could.  I actually think I aggravated them a bit, because my Dad just decided to slip away and sit down somewhere when I wasn't looking. lol. 

But It was nice to see so many of my friends win awards.  I've said this before, but I'm always quite proud of my friends' successes.  And this time, I was happy that I got to stand with them as they received their awards.

Yesterday (Thursday), was just a regular day filled with classes.  But for many students, it was their last day of classes.  And in the case of many 3Ls, it was their last day of law school classes PERIOD!  I found it interesting how so many of their faces lit up when they told me that.  It was like Christmas for them.  lol.  But seriously...Congrats, my friends!

Now that all the fun stuff is out of the way, it's exam time!  It's funny how serious everyone gets during this time.  In fact, some of us disappear all together.  Of course, I'm guilty of disappearing during exam time too.  But it always makes me laugh a little because some of us seclude ourselves and then when we see each other in the halls or something it's like we haven't seen each other in years.  But in reality it's usually only been like a week or two at most.  Anyways...


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