Multitasking My Way to a Successful Career in Law

Posted by Alison Carruthers
Alison Carruthers
Year: 3L (Expected Graduation May 2013) Student Org: Editor-in-Chief
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on Wednesday, 27 February 2013
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While law school has definitely involved its fair shair of multitasking challenges for me from the very beginning, this past year has been the most challenging. But I've made sure that it has also been fun. Traditionally 3L's like myself would coast through their last year, but not me!  I chose to take on quite a lot.  And I think that most 3L's are unable to coast in their last year just because of today's tight legal market and the modern style of legal education.

I'm multitasking this year between a full class load of pretty difficult elective courses, training as a Mediator, and Law Review, which as the Editor-in-Chief, is itself a full time job.  But it has been surprisingly "doable."  I really surprise myself sometimes with what I can accomplish in one day.

And what I love about this year is that I'm still learning a TON.  I didnt think it was possible for my brain to soak any more stuff in, but its happening.  I always tell my family that I literally feel like my brain is physcially expanding (albeit painfully sometimes).  And not only am I learning from my classroom experiences, but I'm learning the most from my challenges in multitasking.  Balancing between stressful class deadlines and a number of issues that come up in my extra-curricular duties.

Prior to law school I already had experience managing a hundred deadlines at once and working through clashes of some sort, but this last year in law school has really helped me grow and adapt to new forms of those challenges.  I really feel like I'm ready to enter the legal career, not only knowing the law but ready to work with my colleagues.

Lastly, this year has been really fun because its been the most rewarding.  For example, I've been able to participate in interviews with candidates for the upcoming Dean vacancy. I'm actually able to participate in something that has a huge impact on the future of the school, and that is really cool.  And that is just one example, this year I've been able to put my mark on the school and show my UDM Law pride.  And now I can really say that I cannot wait to see what the future of my school holds...

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Year: 3L (Expected Graduation May 2013)
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