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Posted by Kathleen Moxley
Kathleen Moxley
Hi, I'm a 3L Dual JD student, originally from Ottawa and now living in Windsor
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on Thursday, 11 April 2013
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The past week has flown by and the last week of classes is upon us. One of the most common questions I get asked about the program is how we go to both schools at once, so for today here’s some insight into how the calendars from the two schools merge.

For the Fall Semester UDM starts classes mid-August while Windsor starts following Labour Day two weeks later. As a result UDM typically goes into exams about one week earlier, but this normally overlaps with Windsor’s 3 day pre-exam break. The exam period also ends earlier but not by a significant amount. Both schools typically start back in January within a week of each other (Windsor normally starts first). Therefore you typically have the same time off over the Winter holidays as you would with other Ontario schools but slightly less than the students exclusively at UDM. With starting a week earlier and having a shorter semester by a week or two Windsor typically finishes classes and goes into exams almost a month before UDM, but also has a longer exam period – running through most of April. Luckily Spring break almost always lines up between the schools and you still receive an American length summer break of just over 3 months from mid-May to mid-August.

As a Dual JD most of us select classes which are compatible with the varied end dates and exam schedules of the different schools. In my case both my UDM classes have in class finals so I avoid the May final exam period, and my Windsor class is a paper course so I am not writing Windsor exams during my UDM classes. It sounds complicated but actually is generally pretty easy to work out. The Fall exam periods overlap and in first year Duals have no American exams so the issue is only really for the second and third year Winter exam periods. On the positive side you will rarely, if ever, end up with bunched up exams. It also makes it a lot easier to balance school with Bar and job applications.

In other exciting news the annual Voice for Justice Auction is coming up this weekend, and tomorrow marks my last class at the University of Windsor. My Bar exam strategies class ended yesterday as we have an in-class final and it only meets once a week. Therefore after tomorrow I will be down to two classes a week (both Cross Border) and into full out paper writing mode. With just under two weeks left until I am officially done, and a month left until graduation the crunch to finish my to-do list is on. So far the Dual JD clothing has been ordered, the grad night planned, last assignments in and move out plans made. I have two papers, two in-class exams, and a memo to go for class work. On the more personal side my list includes writing a committee transition manual, applying to the New York Bar (Ontario was done months ago), and continuing the job hunt. I just might survive it all with my sanity intact.

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I'm a 3L Dual JD student, originally from Ottawa and now living in Windsor. I did my undergraduate degree in Political Studies with a minor in Psychology from Queen's University, Kingston. I love to ski and generally just get outside and explore new things. You can contact me at moxleyka@udmercy.edu.