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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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January 9th, 2010
I’ve got a great feeling about 2011!

I know it sounds silly, but I’m so excited about the New Year. This semester is going to be my craziest, most challenging semester to date, but I couldn’t be more excited! I absolutely love filling up 16 hours every day…and no, I’m not being sarcastic! Call me insane, but being so busy gives me this constant adrenaline rush. I would lose my mind sitting around the house, not having anything to do. Trust me, I had a couple of days like that over break and I couldn’t stand it!

I’m doing the Veteran’s Clinic this semester and today was our orientation. Essentially, the Professors tried to teach us as much as possible about Veteran law in 7 hours. This clinic is apparently extremely time consuming but also rewarding. I’m starting my clinic hours Monday morning at 8:30 am and I get to find out which cases I’ve been assigned to; I’m really looking forward to diving into it!

I’ve also been trying to work on the Keenan Appellate Advocacy Competition. It’s a slow process, but it’s coming along. The first meeting is this Wednesday, so hopefully by then I’ll have a good grasp on everything to start writing the brief.

Thursday night is the Semester Kick off Bar Night which is being hosted by the 2L class. At the suggestion of the 2L Vice President I chose to plan the bar night at Pulse Lounge downtown. Hopefully, we’ll have a great turn out. Law school always starts and ends everything with a bar night. We work really hard for insanely long hours…days…weeks…months! I know I always feel worthy of a good drink when the time comes.

Let the new semester begin!

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