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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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December 21st, 2010
Officially halfway done with law school!

My last final was December 14th, but it always seems to take me a couple days to relax. Of course, there is the initial celebration, but then there are usually 20 things that have to get done quickly because I had put them off for the past month focusing on finals. I’ve finally reached my relaxation time. This morning I worked, but this afternoon I’ve had absolutely nothing to do for the first time in a very long time!

I’m actually really excited for next semester to start. I decided after finals to sign up for the Keenan’s Appellate Advocacy Competition with a friend so that will keep me extra busy, but it’s going to be so much fun! The problem will be released on December 30th, so I’m hoping to get a good start on it before classes start up again in January. I hadn’t even heard of this competition…during finals I tend to quickly skim my inbox and hit “delete all”. I know it’s a bad habit, but seeing the emails unread adds stress! A fellow law school student (and friend from undergrad) actually read his mail and is the reason we’re doing this, so I have him to thank! It is so exciting! I absolutely loved doing G. Mennen during first year, so this gives me another opportunity to get that adrenaline rush!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

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