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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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November 26th, 2010
Word Limit Reached!

By the grace of God I finally reached the word limit on my seminar paper; now, I just have to make it superb, fix my citations (which will probably take hours), and turn this baby in by December 1st! I officially feel as though I am an expert on the topic; however, I don’t know how useful it will be to me ever again. How often does female circumcision come up in your day to day conversations? Ah, exactly. Oh well…

This is the first year that I did not go Black Friday shopping. I knew it was either go out Wednesday night or go shopping Friday morning. I love shopping, but I love going out the night before Thanksgiving so much more. I’ve gone to the same bar every year since I’ve been old enough to get in and it was another successful year at Luna in Royal Oak. The only downfall of the entire night was missing my cab home (and consequently forcing my friends to miss their cabs home as well)!

Looking at the date on my calendar scares me to death! We’re really in the last stretch of the semester…it’s time to really learn some law!

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