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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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November 14th, 2009

This is about the third time this semester I’ve reached my “limit”.  The amount of stress I’m under today is almost unbearable.  It has been a crazy week and although it has been filled with some great experiences; I feel exhausted both physically and mentally.  

The environmental law event last night at Honigman was amazing!  I was able to meet numerous lawyers in the field and have at length conversations with a couple of them.  The firm teamed up with United Way for this event so I was able to learn a few things about them as well.  After that event I headed over to Fishbones for a social gathering of both UDM and Wayne State Law students.  The international law societies and Business law Societies from both schools joined together.  It was a fun experience; however, not so fun getting home around midnight and being up and working again at 6 am today.  

After class today a few friends thought it would do some good to go out for a drink before hitting the books; I would have loved to have gone but I had a meeting scheduled with Dean Caprio.  Maybe next time I’ll get a chance to get out for a non-law school break.  

I don’t foresee a break this weekend. All day tomorrow I have a Community Outreach program at Youthville to attend.  We are training and teaching students there the functions of a court room and creating peer court which we will oversee to start next semester.  It’s very exciting; I’ll share more details after it happens tomorrow. 

I know I’ve forgotten to do law school tips of the day the past couple days, I’m sorry! I have one for today though:

Make time to do something to de-stress yourself.  I plan to go to the gym late tonight, it is the only thing I feel will keep me sane at this point!

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