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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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March 25th, 2010
I know it’s been a few days…

Let me go back a few days and share all of the exciting things that have been going on.  As you remember from my last entry, the 1L G. Mennens Moot Court Competition was this past Saturday.  We had to check in at 8am and received a complimentary breakfast.  Arguments started at 9am and I was the second round which started at 9:35am.  I represented the United States and my opposing counsel represented the defendant who was an FBI agent. In the room were a bailiff, who kept time, and 3 judges, all of whom interrogated us with questions as we each presented our arguments.  The set up was that the defendant argued first (13 minutes), I, on behalf of the US, argued second (15 minutes), and then the defendant was given 2 minutes for a rebuttal. 

I can hardly explain how amazing it felt up at the podium when I was arguing.  It was such an adrenalin rush.  When I finished, I thought to myself- Hey I want to do that again!  All of the students were broken up into dockets of 8 people.  The same 3 judges would critique 8 of us…and then pick a winner who would move on.  There were 270 students and 34 dockets; so, out of 270 there would be 34 students advancing to the quarterfinals.  Due to space limitations, there were half the dockets in the morning and half in the afternoon.  Lucky me, having gone early on…was stuck waiting around all day because every student had to attend the reception to where they would announce the quarterfinalist. 

After all 8 in a docket were done, the judges called us all back in and gave us individual feedback on what we did well and what we can work on.  This was around noon which left me with 3.5 hours to kill before the reception would start.  I thought I’d head to the library and get some work done.  Instead, I was persuaded by friends to head over to Tom’s (a bar that’s practically next door).  The entire place was packed with 1Ls excited to have gotten their arguments over with and just waiting for the reception where the school would be giving us both free food and alcohol. 

When 3:30 came around we headed back to the school for the reception.  Dean Semple and Professor Streicher spoke; first to congratulate older students out of town who had just won Best Oralist in a competition, and then to congratulate all of us 1Ls for our great job of competing all day.  Then they started announcing the winners and I was shocked to hear my name! I threw my purse at my friend because I didn’t want to go up there with my giant purse hanging from my arm.  They took a picture of each of us alone with Dean Semple and then we caravanned to the courtyard and took a picture as a group with Dean Semple.  It was all so overwhelmingly exciting!

We all were told that we had to compete again on Tuesday and that we would have to argue for the other side!  Between Saturday and Tuesday it was a crazy blur.  When I argued again on Tuesday I had that same exhilarating feeling that I had on Saturday.  I realized at this moment that I really want to litigate in my future.  I love being in the courtroom. When I was up there arguing, it reminded me of when I would compete as a dancer.  While arguing I got the same rush that I used to get when I performed as a dancer.  I absolutely love it! From the quarterfinals, 4 people advanced.  I was not one of the 4 but I am so happy for those 4 people! The finals were Wednesday.  I wish I could have been able to watch but the monthly SBA meeting was at the same time.  There are just so many things going on right now; I wish I had more time to write! I’ll definitely share as much as I can about all the things going on!

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