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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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April 8th, 2011
Good times – 

So much going on around school, in my life, and with my son 

      My son is heading to NY…without me.  It took me some time to get used to the fact that he's getting older, and I have to learn no to be as protective over him.  Now is the time that I have to trust that I've been raising him right, and he will make the right decisions in or out of my presence.  The administrator at his school must have saw that I've yet to sever the umbilical cord completely.  When I asked if I could chaperon the trip they started with NO…but after I insisted, they strongly advised me not to attend. After much prayer, and the multitude of counsel, my son is heading to NY without me.  He and his fellow 9th graders have a packed trip of which they'll tour Columbia University, NYU and see the Lion King on Broadway.  I'm happy that he's partaking in this experience, but have mixed feelings that my baby is growing up. 

      This time of year around the school has been filled with activities.  Last weekend, was the 1L moot court mock trial competition.  It's somewhat hard to believe that it's been three years since my first year.  Time flies with the business of law school.   The same day during the mock trial, the school hosted its admitted student's luncheon.  I was asked to attend the luncheon to share my law school experience and insight about law school with the admitted students.  After the lunch, I sat in on my mentee's argument.  I must admit that I was impressed to see the different student's advocacy skills.  

      This week has been a bit of a push for me dealing with a touch of food poisoning.  I think it's gone now but, boy was it a rough week.  This coming weekend I have to get my son squared away for his trip and continuing to prepare for trial on Tuesday for Children's Welfare LFP. 

      Stay tuned.

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