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Ryan Gutierrez
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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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January 11th, 2011
This semester is going by way too fast.  

This semester, I'm taking 3 classes (my normal extended-evening track), Conflicts of Laws, Children and the Law Firm Program and French Law. 

As an evening student, I am still taking some of my required courses. This semester I am fulfilling 2 more required courses.  The Law Firm Program (we're required to take 2) and French Law (satisfies the International Law requirement).   

The law firm programs offered here is one way to help us prepare for the practice.   We act as associates in a law firm and have assignments due throughout the semester.  Our case is a combination of real cases.  Acting as associates helps us to prepare pleadings, think though the issue, prepare arguments, and aid in advocacy skills, and even have discussions with medical experts.   

My French law class is being taught by a French scholar.  Initially, I had some reservations about taking the course, but I am overcoming those issues as I prepare for and attend class each week.   

I've made some adjustments to my schedule where I am attending more classes during the day.  It’s a transition from evening to day classes for several reasons but I am getting acclimated day-by-day.   

I will keep you posted on the events of this semester, soon.

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