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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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January 6, 2010
And the 2nd semester of law school begins…

We started class again yesterday but without knowing how we did on any of our exams!  I’m trying to just forget finals happened and move forward, but everyone is dying to find out how we all did.  From what I’ve heard; however, we’ll have to wait a couple more weeks before grades will come out. 

During orientation, I remember a 2L telling me that law school is a lot like high school.  He didn’t give me a further explanation; he simply said I’d see for myself.  This guy was dead on…law school is a lot like high school!  You might be asking how so?  I’ve realized that in our class, everyone knows pretty much everyone else.  Not only do you know everyone; you know a lot about everyone, perhaps more than you want to know.  Maybe it’s because we all spend so much time together, maybe it’s because we all have the same classes; whatever the reason: law school students are gossip crazy!

After two weeks off I was just getting comfortable sleeping in, waking up and doing things I hadn’t been able to do in months when it was time to come back.  I realized today though I really missed this place and I’m happy to be back and working.  Four months from now I’ll be done with my first year of law school!

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