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David Koelsch
David C. Koelsch is an Associate Professor and Director of the Immigration Law C
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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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Another good day!

This morning, one of my students, Felix, obtained lawful permanent residency for a man from Uzbekistan.  This man has been a client of the Immigration Law Clinic since 2003 and at least seven students have worked on his case.  He had a very strong asylum application but, as fate would have it, his daughter was studying in the U.S. and met her future husband, who sponsored her for a green card.  Our client’s daughter eventually became a U.S. citizen and sponsored her father.  Felix conducted direct and re-direct examinations of our client and his daughter and the Immigration Judge did the right thing.

Maybe this one case, this one man, this one student do not matter much in the larger scheme of the world but the fact is that this man would not have been allowed to stay in the U.S. without the work of students in the Immigration Law Clinic.  This man embodies the best ideals of immigrants to the U.S.  He is industrious, he is educated, he has a deep faith and he is willing to give back to his new country.  For the student who worked on the case for the past three months, this was a big deal and instrumental to the development of confidence in his abilities as he winds up his law school career.

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David C. Koelsch is an Associate Professor and Director of the Immigration Law Clinic and the Asylum Law Clinic at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law. The Immigration Law Clinic represents immigrants on a variety of legal issues, including abandoned immigrant children and abused immigrant women. Professor Koelsch also teaches U.S. Immigration Law and a comparative U.S.-Canada Immigration Law course as well as a Seminar on Spirituality and the Law. Koelsch was named the 2009 Outstanding Immigration Law Professor by the American Immigration Lawyers Association.