Program Information

Globally Enriched J.D.

Students complete the UDM Law J.D. program requirements and add a global emphasis to their education by taking any of our wide-ranging international law electives; (link to A) our specialized courses in French and European Community Law taught by our resident scholar from Clermont Ferrand, France, or our comparative U.S. and Canadian law courses; (link to B). Students also have the opportunity to study abroad, with a stipend from UDM, in our International Opportunities Program.

Canadian & American Dual J.D. Program

Students in this program complete 104 credits in a three-year course of study, (LINK D) which includes 60 credit hours at the University of Detroit Mercy School of Law and 44 credit hours at the University of Windsor Faculty of Law.

The Dual J.D. program has a corporate and commercial focus but students take electives at both schools allowing them to tailor the program based on the their interests. Almost two-thirds of the courses have both an American and a Canadian professor, or an expert trained in both systems.

J.D./L.E.D. Program

The course of study (link to E) for the J.D./L.E.D. program will depend on whether students begin their studies at UDM Law or ITESM. Students who begin their study at UDM Law in the J.D. portion of the program complete all UDM Law J.D. program requirements (90 credits) in three years. Students then transition to ITESM and complete the Mexican curriculum.

The NAFTA Program - Dual J.D./L.E.D.

Students can participate in both dual degree programs and earn degrees from all three NAFTA countries. Students who begin at ITESM will complete three years there then transition into the Canadian & American Dual J.D. course of study. Or students can begin at UDM and UW then transition to ITESM.