Canadian citizens and other qualified residents, such as “landed immigrants,” may be able to obtain a Canadian student loan to attend UDM.  Each province has its own requirements.  Depending upon the province’s own resources, a student may receive just the federal portion of their student loan eligibility or that portion supplemented by funds from the province itself.  Students applying for Canadian student loans should apply through the province in which they have established residency.

Joint JD/JD program students generally receive more funds if they apply through the University of Windsor for their Canadian student loans, particularly if their province does not provide funds for students to study outside of the province or country.  Most of the Canadian students attending UDM Law are residents of Ontario, and OSAP (Ontario Student Aid Programs) often provides additional resources to Canadian students attending an Ontario school.

Canadian students wishing to have their loan applications and related materials certified should bring their application forms to the Financial Aid Office in the Student Service Center for completion.  The Financial Aid staff will complete and mail the applications as well as fax them to any offices that accept faxed documents.