Students participating in the Externship Program will work with a government agency, non-profit organization or judge from a pre-approved list of externship opportunities. The Externship Director may approve additional opportunities upon request. Students are not eligible to work for academic credit with private firms or private attorneys unless the student has satisfactorily completed one prior Externship course and the for-profit location has been pre-approved by the Externship Director.

Student should expect to receive a substantial lawyering experience that may include research, writing, legal analysis, observation and possible court appearance.

Each student is required to work at the designated placement at least 120 hours a semester. Students must keep accurate time logs that are signed by the site supervisor and forwarded to the faculty member teaching the Externship course.

In addition to the hours required for the individual placement, students must attend a mandatory 90-minute orientation at the beginning of the semester. Students will also meet as a group several times during the semester, as directed by the faculty member teaching the Externship course. Students must additionally prepare weekly journals and must complete reflection papers and a final paper.

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