U.S. and Canadian Immigration Law (6230)

The course will cover the fundamentals of immigration law in Canada and the U.S. The course will focus on content most applicable to a cross-border practice and, in particular, Canadian and U.S. nonimmigrant and immigrant visa processes (with particular focus on TN visas for Canadians), grounds of inadmissibility and deportability in each country and strategies to challenge inadmissibility, as well as refugee and asylum claims (with emphasis on the Safe Third Country Agreement between Canada and the U.S.). The course will provide practical, relevant information and strategies to serve the real-life needs of potential clients. Guest speakers will include staff from border agencies, the Canadian and U.S. Consulates, and cross-border immigration attorneys. This course and Immigration Law will cover much of the same information and both courses will prepare students for the Immigration Law Clinic and the Immigration Law Firm Program.
Students may take either U.S. and Canadian immigration Law or LAW 2960 Immigration Law but not both.  

Course Details

  • Credits: 3