Multistate Bar Exam Strategies (3213)

This pilot course provides third year law students with a "head start" in preparing for the Multistate Bar Examination ("MBE"), but is not a substitute for more comprehensive commercial bar review courses. It includes instruction on multiple choice question strategies and skills. Students will review and study the MBE subjects and do practice questions independently in much the same manner as in the weeks immediately preceding the MBE. Some substantive lectures will be given on selected topics in the context of analyzing MBE-type questions. Much of the classroom time will be used for multiple choice exercises and exams.

This course is restricted to Seniors. In addition to the prerequisites listed below, it is recommended that seniors have taken Law 2100 Criminal Procedure and Law 2490 Sales. Seniors may audit for not academic credit with permission of the instructor. Graded Pass/No Pass.

Course Details

  • Credits: 1