Mortgage Foreclosure Defense Clinic (5080)

Students represent victims of predatory lending practices in federal and state courts to stop homeowners from losing their homes due to foreclosure. Clinic students handle cases involving mortgage fraud, foreclosure rescue scams, and loan servicing errors. They have the opportunity to interview clients, argue motions, negotiate settlements, and conduct trials. In addition, students engage in community outreach through presentations and development of written materials to educate homeowners on foreclosure remedy options and rescue scams.

The classroom component will examine the causes of the foreclosure crisis, consumer protection laws for mortgage consumers, and policy responses. We also will cover practice skills such as client interviewing, fact investigation, case planning, legal research, and pre-trial litigation. This 4 credit hour course includes a two-hour class and 12 clinic office hours each week.

The Evidence prerequisite may be waived if taken contemporaneously.


Course Details

  • Credits: 4