Cross Border Sales and Financing Transactions (6360)

This 8-credit course, spanning Terms I and II, is a dual degree course offering that is designed around a uniform, cross border sale of goods transaction. The course integrates the substantive legal and business topics in a real world setting and provides a comparative analysis of problem solutions in the context of U.S. and Canadian law.
Term I will focus primarily on the sales aspects of the transaction, including contract formation, performance of the contract, and remedies. Term II will focus on the financing aspects of the transaction, including the types of financing available, the mechanisms available for obtaining a security interest, and the priorities of various creditors in the event of a default by the debtor. This is a required course for third year students in the dual degree program. J.D. students may elect to take either or both term offerings, on a space available basis.

Course Details

  • Credits: 8