7000 Series

Law Firm Program: Litigation (7140)

This course will provide students the opportunity to engage in simulated litigation practice relating to the post-acquisition operation of a soap manufacturing company.

Law Firm Program: Pre-trial Criminal Advocacy (7350)

Pretrial Criminal Advocacy will focus on developing students’ understanding of criminal advocacy from the initiation of charges through motions in limine dealing with evidentiary issues.

Law Firm Program: Pre-trial Litigation I (7259)

This course will utilize a realistic hypothetical case study featuring allegations of sexual harassment in employment to introduce students to the pretrial litigation process in federal court from new client intake through preparation of the Final Pretrial Order.

Law Firm Program: Purchase and Sale of Commercial Real Estate(7110)

Students will examine and participate in various aspects of a simulated transaction involving the sale and purchase of commercial real estate. 

Law Firm Program: Small Firm Practice (7160)

 This department of the Law Firm Program will focus on the types of cases and clients encountered by a small firm practitioner.

Law Firm Program: Small Firm Practice (Canada) (7370)

This course is designed to prepare students for the practice of law in a Canadian small firm.

Law Firm Program: Software Licensing (7280)

This course will provide the student the opportunity to understand the dynamics of the software license and how to effectively negotiate a license from both the licensee and licensor perspectives. 

Law Firm Program: Toxic Torts (7170)

The course is designed to provide students with a pragmatic and realistic approach to handling a client's toxic exposure scenario.