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Immigration Community Lawyering Clinic (5130)

Students serve immigrants seeking benefits under Comprehensive Immigration Reform (CIR). 

Immigration Law (2960)

A study of the constitutional and extra-constitutional law bases and restrictions on the power to regulate immigration into the United States. 

Immigration Law Clinic (5060)

Students represent immigrants seeking a variety of relief and benefits, including family sponsorship, Violence Against Women Act petitions, and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. 

Insurance Law (3180)

An analysis of the general principles of Insurance Law, emphasizing indemnity, subrogation, reinsurance, insurable interest and classification of risks. 

International Business Transactions (3190)

This course provides the "basics" of the most common forms of international business transactions...

International Law (3200)

A study of the nature, sources, and evidence of International Law.

Introduction to French Law (2630)

The course goes through an historical introduction, focusing on the sources of law.