Items starting with E

Employee Rights Law (3150)

This course provides a study of laws pertaining to employer-employee relations.

Entertainment Law: Film and Television (3331)

This course will focus on the legal problems and issues that arise upon the production of a film or television program. 

Environmental Law (3160)

This course provides an introduction to the legal and policy aspects of environmental protection. 

Ernie Goodman Mock Trial Tournament (6040)

The Ernie Goodman Mock Trial Tournament is hosted by the Moot Court Board of Advocates and named for one of Michigan's finest trial attorneys and civil rights advocates, Mr. Ernie Goodman.

Estate and Gift Taxation (3730)

The course covers income, estate and gift taxation of gratuitous transfers, estates and trusts, including jointly-held property, pension benefits and life insurance.  

Estates and Trusts (2130)

A study of the descent and distribution of intestate estates.

European Community Law (2150)

The European Union is unique in international law, and it is interesting to see how this hybrid international organization is built.

Evidence (2220)

The law of evidence in both criminal and civil trials including the following subjects...

Expert and Scientific Evidence (6330)

This course addresses the rationale for the development of special rules relating to expert testimony...

External National Moot Court Competition (6070)

Each year the Moot Court Board of Advocates sponsors competitive teams that travel across the country to argue mock appellate cases against law students from other American and Canadian law schools.

Externship (5160)

Students perform a minimum of 120 hours or a maximum of 180 hours during the semester.  Students meet as a class each week and submit time/action reports, keep journals, and write a paper at the end of their experience.