Items starting with C

Canadian & U.S. Business Organizations (2160)

This course provides the student with an introduction to relevant concepts in the selection of form of business enterprise.

Canadian & U.S. Evidence (2230)

The law of evidence in trials; judicial notice; demonstrative evidence; testimonial evidence...

Canadian & U.S. Professional Responsibility (2480)

This Comparative Professional Responsibility course deals broadly with the law of lawyering in the United States and Canada. It focuses, primarily, on the principle Canadian and U.S. Codes and Rules of Professional Conduct.

Canadian & U.S. Torts (2120)

Torts is the study of civil legal wrongs (other than those based on contract).

Canon Law (2140)

Students will be introduced to an examination of the nature of canon law and a broad overview of its content.

Children and the Law Course - Law (3360)

The course looks at the legal issues relating to children and how the various legal, political, social, and economic institutions shape childhood. Particular attention will be given to the interplay between the often conflicting interests of children, parents, and the state.

Civil Procedure (1150)

The course examines the powers of state and federal courts (with an emphasis on subject matter and personal jurisdiction) and the sources of the substantive and procedural law to be applied in each.

Civil Trial Practice (3880)

A two-credit intensive course in the style developed by the National Institute for Trial Advocacy (NITA).

Commercial Real Estate (3600)

This course provides an overview of the sbstantive legal and practical issues involving commerical real estate transactions.

Comparative Constitutional Law (3910)

This course explores selected topics in comparative constitutional law. It begins with an overview of the methodologies and goals of comparative constitutional study. 

Comparative Law (3080)

This course will examine the development, distribution, and current structure of the two dominant legal traditions in the world today: the Romano-Germanic civil law tradition and the Anglo-American common law tradition.

Comparative Legal Writing and Research (1070)

Comparative Legal Writing and Research is a comprehensive comparative research and writing course for students in the dual J.D. program with the University of Windsor. 

Conflict of Laws (3100)

An investigation of the special problems arising out of legal disputes that implicate the interests of more than one jurisdiction, including the states, the federal government and foreign countries.

Contracts (1110)

A study of the formation, interpretation, and performance of contracts. Historical development of the basic contractual concepts is traced as a foundation for modern contract law. 

Copyright Law (3120)

The course will study the rights of creators under Title 17 of the United States Code and analogous common law doctrines.