Individual Consultations

Presentation and Length of Consultation

Each Project SALUTE visit begins with a short presentation about available federal veterans' benefits, how to apply for them and the process to appeal a denial. Veterans wanting additional assistance may request an individual consultation--interview-- with trained UDM Law students and expert faculty versed in the intricacies of federal verterans benefit law. These one-on-one sessions provide more than the basic information necessary to decide how to proceed with a case.

Project SALUTE exposes students to real people with real problems and challenges them to fine tune fact-finding and interpersonal communication skills that classrooms and textbooks simply cannot provide. Students walk away, determined to find a remedy for a veteran. Veterans frequently express their appreciation that someone is finally listening to, and caring about, their situations. The interview sessions, lasting from 15 to 30 minutes, have provided direction for many veterans.

Project SALUTE may provide assistance to Michigan veterans by accepting their cases for representation by UDM's Veterans Law Clinic. 

What to Bring

Project SALUTE recommends that a veteran bring their Discharge from Active Duty--DD Form 214, recent VA rating decisions and any other documents pertinent to evaluating their federal veterans' benefits matter.