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on Saturday, 30 November 2013
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‘Twas 10 Days Before Finals


‘Twas 10 days before finals, and all through the halls,

Smartphones began chiming, but not for phone calls.

Each student looked down, and tried not to shout,

but it was too late, another mass email had just come out.


The look of sheer panic, and an occasional pout,

each student read what it said: Go study or flunk out!

The gunners, they scrambled, they knew just what to do,

the real issue is, whether you do too?


It's now 9 days before finals, and what have you done?

Did you abide by that email and have zero fun?

Classes aren't over, there's still one paper due,

can this school really expect one more ounce out of you?


The answer is yes, gunner or not,

you're working hard for your future, and don't forget- it costs a lot.

So, go sit in your chair, wherever it may be,

just forget about fun with friends, or dinner with family.


It's now 8 days before finals, and the coffee pot is dry.

Your outlines are barely started and you really want to cry.

You're still feeling haunted by that midterm exam score,

thanks to that debacle, you have to study even more.


You must keep focused on the task at hand,

you can't break for a second, it's like standing in quick sand--.

Your palms are sweaty, and your eyes are droopy,

if you read one more page, you're going to get loopy.


It's now 7 days before finals and you haven't slept in three nights.

Your eyes are burning from the library's dim lights.

You keep telling yourself, “just two hours to go,"

at the same time you're thinking, "Darn, my outline is only so-so."


Your coffee cup is empty, but there's one thing you know,

caffeine you must have, so to Speedway you must go!

You grab some cash and return in a flash,

thinking the next thing up is to raid the Moot Court candy stash.


6 days before finals, and you've had 3 review sessions,

that voice in your head says, "I told you to prepare for those lessons."

Casebooks in hand, back to the library you go.

Think you'll get lucky and get a study room?  Heck no!


The class schedule is odd, and you can't seem to think.

Those seven hours of sleep only felt like a wink.

Exercise might help, it may give you a boost.

Oh but wait, you still have class evaluations to produce.


At 5 days before finals, you start to feel good.

You keep telling yourself, "I get it now, I knew I would."

And then, just like that, you are shaken to your core,

as you remember that you forgot to download Exam 4!


Handwrite your exam? Now you are stuck.

It's about 1am and you scream loudly, "just my luck!"

At about this point, you want to waive that white flag,

let someone else book it, you never did like to brag.


It's now 4 days before finals and your outlines are done.

It has taken you a week, and it has not been fun.

"I should have briefed more cases this term," you think aloud.

It’s not enough just to be average and follow the crowd.


E&E and Crunchtime, they are your friends,

after all, those supplements are the things on which your academic life depends.

Do the practice problems and the essays too.

When those are done, do the Barbri review.


Just 3 days before finals and you want to nap.

Go on, sleep for twenty minutes with your Evidence book in your lap.

Your head probably hurts and you might feel like you're dead,

get back at it, you were only dreaming about what the bar results said.


The bar is at least twelve months away.

You must focus on finals as if they were today!

Full faith and credit and the Commerce clause as well,

If you don't pass this exam, you won't even come back as a 2L.


That first exam, is just 2 days away,

you already missed Thanksgiving, but you won't miss Christmas day!

It's the final stretch, and you gave it your best,

but let’s be honest, you've also been stressed.


Law school exams are something unique,

to do well on each one there's a certain technique.

The recipe is simple, and needs no real explanation,

good marks are a product of hard work and proper citation.


Tomorrow is the exam, just 1 day left to go.

You must go to bed early, tomorrow's the big show!

When you awake, you'll feel somewhat sick.

Just remember, that three hour exam goes by real quick.


When it’s all over, when it’s all said and done,

the proctor will call time, and you'll pack up and run!

You reached the end of the tunnel, you can finally see the light!

This exam is history, but you have another tomorrow night!

If you have read this far, you now have a sense of what finals is like.  As a working student, preparing for final exams requires a lot of very late nights.  Sometimes, I find myself chatting with classmates, venting, whining, and making jokes that only a fellow law student can understand, or all of the above.  This post is a product of one of those late nights as an email was passed back and forth until all 10 nights were completed.  I hope you get a small taste of the stresses that finals can bring by reading this.  I also hope that you laughed at least once because while law school is competitive and must be taken seriously, if you forget to relieve the pressure once in a while you will crumble.

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