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on Thursday, 05 April 2012
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A lot has happened at UDM Law in the past couple of weeks. 

My last blog was the night before the Law Review Symposium.  The Symposium was actually a pretty cool event.  I did not attend last year, so I was particularly thrilled that I had the opportunity to attend this year.  It was held at the Detroit Athletic Club.  I had never been there before, but I must say that it is a very nice venue.  Still, what made the event great were the people in attendance.  We had a wonderful panel of speakers from all over the country, UDM Law Alumni, UDM Law professors, and, of course, UDM Law students.  So that was what really made it so cool.

The following week was even more exciting.  In fact, so much happened during this week that I hardly know where to begin.  So I will just begin at the beginning.

On Monday, March 12th, there was a “Meet the Candidates” Campaign Fair for all of the students who are running for Student Bar Association (SBA) positions.  There are only four SBA positions, but there were a fair number of students running for each position.  Some people ran on a ticket (with other students).  Some did not run on a ticket.  But it was all very exciting.  I mean, what isn’t exciting about the entire school having the opportunity to elect their new student representatives?  Plus, I was running for SBA Executive President.  So that definitely made it more exciting for me.  J

The competition was fierce.  Every student who ran for an SBA position was well-respected, well-liked, and smart.  All of the candidates were quite impressive.  And despite the amount of competition, the election went well.  We all obeyed the rules and ran a fair race.  I think that actually says a lot about the character of the candidates.

Tuesday, March 13th, was Election Day!  I was a bit nervous.  I mean, this is a big deal.  And like I said, the students I was running against were impressive people.  But, thankfully, I made it to the run-off election.

On Wednesday, March 14th, I had the in-class portion of my International Law exam.  That was special.  Lol.  When I finished, I had absolutely no idea how that went.  But that is often the way it is in law school.  (Got my grade back a few days ago complaints here.)   

Thursday, March 15th, was Election Day AGAIN!  And, once again, I was nervous.  This time it was just me and this other guy, and he’s just a great guy.  I actually would love to work with him on something one day.  Anyways, I think it was around 9 p.m. when I was informed by some friends that I had won.  I was thrilled.  I still am thrilled!  But I especially feel honored!  

One really big bonus from this whole thing is that I get to work with three amazing SBA officers.  I do not know if they want me to use their names.  So I will not.  But you know who you are!  ;)

On Friday, March 16th, the take-home portion of the International Law exam was due.  Of course, I did that.  Once again, I had no idea how well I did on that.  (I got my grade back for that yesterday.  And, once again, no complaints.)

On March 23rd, I went to Vegas Night.  Vegas Night is an event hosted by the Black Law Student Association (BLSA).  That was a lot of fun too—it’s probably because I didn’t lose any “real” money.  I even got to meet Judge Denise Langford Morris.  She has this incredible presence.  It was really nice to meet her.  She is an amazing person.  And she happens to be a UDM Law Alum too! 

On March 27th, the ABA Committee hosted Mental Health Day.  There were massage therapists, free snack foods, and stress balls.  I find it interesting that the stress balls were the biggest hit.  The free massage was my favorite thing.

Finally, on March 30th, the 2L Class was hosting a party in Royal Oak.  That was a great success as so many students came out that night.  I am happy I was a part of it.

So clearly the month of March was busy.  However, it was probably my most memorable month in law school.  I worked really hard.  Spent time with my friends.  Then worked some more.  But the rewards could not be more obvious.  Even if I really wanted to, how can I possibly complain with that?

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