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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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September 30th, 2010
Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

Thirty years ago my parents started dating and twenty six years ago they got married. It truly is an accomplishment nowadays; it’s not too often that you see people staying together that long anymore and still be happy!

Today we had our second 2L board meeting of the year. We’re planning to volunteer at the Boys and Girls Club this semester and at Children’s Hospital.  In addition, we’re hoping to have a mixer with another grad school and a Christmas party for our class.

I’m taking my seminar course this semester, International Human Rights, which requires us to write a 30 page minimum paper.  We have to pick a human rights issue and make an original argument.  This class is only 2 credits, but it has been taking the most time.  I’m drowning in documents trying to research.  An outline is due on Monday which we have to present to the class, so I have A LOT of work to do this weekend.

Tomorrow morning I have to work, then head downtown for my criminal procedure class.  I also have to take my car to ABC Warehouse to figure out why my remote start for my car isn’t working.  I definitely want it fixed in time for winter! Finally, my boyfriend and I are taking my parents out to dinner to our favorite sushi place to celebrate their anniversary.

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