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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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August 31st, 2010
Well, I’m into the second week of classes and I feel as though I haven’t even had a second to breathe! I’m taking four classes this semester which doesn’t seem like a lot, but I’m also working 20 hours a week (the maximum we’re allowed to work while in school full time). The classes I’m taking this semester are: Real Estate Transactions, Environmental Law, Seminar in International Human Rights, and Criminal Procedure.  I am enjoying both the substance and professors of all of my classes, so I feel quite lucky. 

Last week I also started my new job at a firm in Troy.  This is only my second week but I absolutely love it!  I’m already learning so much and putting my skills to use is really exciting.  In addition to classes and work, I’ve been busy with the SBA as well.  As the 2L class president, I’ve been trying to organize and put together ideas for events throughout the year.  The 2L board had a meeting last week and we discussed some really exciting options; now, we just have to make final decisions and start the planning!

My financial aid has been a complete disaster so far this year.  Instead of studying during breaks in between classes, I’ve spent much of my time in the financial aid office trying to straighten out issues.  Apparently, I made an error on forms last year which were overlooked but are causing me serious grief this year.  I’m hoping tomorrow to have everything finalized…I need to stress the word hoping.

I was so exhausted last night that I had my lights out by 8:45 p.m. No, I am not kidding. I decided it was better to just go to bed instead of trying to read while I was essentially sleeping with my eyes open. Instead, I woke up before 6 this morning and got some productive reading done and started my day fresh. Although here I am now, 12 hours later not feeling quite so fresh and stuck with a night full of homework again. I feel like it is an endless cycle!

With a large cup of coffee next to me, it’s time to start some homework. These cases aren’t going to read themselves…

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