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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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August 16th, 2010
So how did the MPRE go? Not at well as I had hoped.  It was so easy; it was hard…if that makes sense.  I will be so annoyed if I didn’t pass.  Yes, I am legitimately concerned that I didn’t pass!  Scores won’t be in for five weeks so for now I’m just going to forget about it.

WCPO Internship 
This past Friday was my last day at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office.  I was so sad to see my time there end!  A professor at UDM told me that I would love it there, but I really had no idea just how much I’d love it.  It’s a great thing when you’re not getting paid but still look forward to going into work every day.  If they had paid positions for students in law school I would jump on it so fast, but they don’t.  I was planning to stay there if I couldn’t find a paid position for the fall, but I was fortunate enough to find a new job that I am so excited about starting! 

Now my summer vacation begins for one short week.  I’m finally done with class, my internship, and the MPRE.  This next week I plan to clean, organize, and get ready for the new semester ahead! I’ll also try to sleep as much as possible because I know it’ll be back to not getting much shut eye again starting the following week.  I expect to meet some of the new 1Ls next week during their orientation because I’m going to be one of the student mentors.  I’m definitely looking forward to that! 

End of Summer Advice- Sleep and relax this last week while you still can!!

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