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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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April 26th, 2010
The End is near!

It’s Monday morning, and after an exhausting weekend of studying, I am at school ready to study Property all morning, afternoon, and night. My Property final is tomorrow morning! This is the only exam that we are not allowed to use an outline on, so there is a little more anxiety than there will be for the rest of them. Up to this point, I’ve predominantly been studying alone.  Right now, I am waiting for two friends to arrive and we are starting at the beginning of Property and re-teaching ourselves everything today. Our professor is having last minute office hours this afternoon, so we’re hoping to flush through everything and be able to bring her any last minute questions we may have.

At the beginning of the school year, the administration will give you a software cd called “CALI”. Don’t lose this and I recommend you use it! I used it last semester and I’m using it again now. It is a great way to review the topics covered in your classes. They have hours of tutorials regarding every topic covered.  I believe the software says that the library has around 850 lessons covering pretty much every class you’ll take it law school! I am a huge fan of CALI lessons. In addition, you’ll want to have hornbooks to supplement your casebooks.  The bar review videos can be helpful as well.  There is a plethora of materials out there. Be careful; it is very easy to get overwhelmed!

Thursday is my contracts final and next Tuesday is my Civil Procedure final and then…I’M FREE (and officially done with my first year of law school)!!!

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