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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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March 12th, 2010
Happy Birthday Mom! I wish I had time to do something fun with my mom for her birthday but I’m stuck at school all day and I’m literally drowning in work.  I’m going to be really honest in this blog with what I have found to be the biggest struggle for me in regards to balancing school and life. 

      Law school gives you enough homework, papers, assignments, meetings, events, and sleepless nights to the point where you could literally never do anything else any minute of the day and still feel behind on your work. To make it worse, there is this little thing called “the rest of your life” that doesn’t stop in time because you are in law school.  You clearly have to make a lot of sacrifices by being in law school and many times the people in your personal life will not really understand. 

      I think every personal conflict I have had since law school has started is something all the line of “Well you made time for X, why can’t you make time for Y?” I try to go by the rule that I will do one personal life activity each weekend which can get very complicated when you have five things you have to choose from.  Who am I going to upset this weekend? Who will understand the most? The least? If I don’t go to this event, so and so will not speak to me for a week…and the mental questions go on and on…

      I could be wrong, but I think in this regard it is easier for students who are from out of town.  They have fewer distractions.  I live at home with my parents and my brother. I’m around all of my family and friends.  My life is like living in a zoo every single day.  Some days I just want to go to my bedroom, turn off the lights, crawl into bed, and forget about everything for one night….but I don’t have time to do that! I’ve embraced this crazy life and wouldn’t have it any other way (even though some days are tough).  I’m living my dream of being a law student!

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