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Ryan Gutierrez
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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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May 2, 2011 – Make Momma Proud 

      Today was my son's graduation from a program called Reaching Higher which is offered at his school.   He was one of a few students targeted as a future leader.  The program offered students ways to help develop their unique leadership abilities.    

      The Reaching Higher graduation celebration was useful in many ways.  It allowed the students to express what they learned while in the program and parents to identify changes in the children.  This exercise was done in a room filled with students and their loved ones.  I particularly enjoyed it because it was inspiring to hear what the young people had to say and necessary feedback from their parents.   

      Before each student had the opportunity to speak 2 students were selected to do read and response poems for the audience.  My son was one of them.  It was great.  Parenthood maybe one of the least rewarding jobs in that we don't always see the hard work and efforts that we instill in our children.  After 15 years, I can see that all my hard work in raising my son is paying off.  This program will allow him the opportunity to work at the Detroit Pistons Foundation over the summer.  We're all extremely proud of him and his dad would be too.   

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