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Ryan Gutierrez
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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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March 4th, 2011
This week has been busy, fulfilling and balanced.  

The first week back (actually the first 3 days back) from spring "break" I had 2 assignments due, an oral presentation, and started an externship.  Needless to say, I feel a sense of accomplishment in the scheme of things.  

The start of the week was hectic burning the midnight oil completing the assignments, preparing for the presentation and completing research for my externship.  Had I pushed myself to keep up the stamina during last weeks break, it would've been less hectic, but it all worked out.  The only thing that was lacking was rest.  I haven’t stayed up so late since first year.  My belief is that rest is more important than working fatigued.  I set aside that philosophy to ensure that I was prepared and ready for the tasks at hand.   

Sunday night I turned in my partnered response brief for my Children's LFP, then on Tuesday I had another partnered assignment due for the LFP.  Wednesday, I did an oral presentation for my French Law class pertaining to the Juvenile Justice system.  That same day, I started my externship and had to discuss the research I’d done.  The topic was new to me, but things went over well.  I met the new team of interns/externs and am excited about the opportunity before me (I'll discuss in detail in a later blog).  But right after the externship, I had to go right back to school for the monthly BLSA meeting.   


I knew that I would be exhausted, so that night I got in bed early and caught up on some rest.  I was even more excited because I was able to attend the Alvin Ailey dance performance on Thursday night at the Detroit Opera House.  It was great.   

This week, I learned something new about myself and scheduling.  That epiphany was that I have to think through my week carefully on Sunday night.  When I know I have several tasks back to back, I have to reward myself by doing something that pleases me.  It also gives me something to look forward to when I'm in the thick of work.   

I'll continue to have a weekly vision of myself working through each task for more fulfillments to combat the exhaustion. 

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