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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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December 6th, 2010
Has law school gotten the best of me?

The other day a co-worker compared me to the cartoon character Vavoom.   I’ve never heard of Vavoom until I was called it.  After finding and looking at the picture of Vavoom, I must admit that my facial expression is much like his.  And even his apparel is somewhat similar to how I’ve been dressing.  I just laughed when I saw the character, because there is a hint of truth that I’ve been walking around like VAVOOM!

I probably don’t appear to be the most delightful, approachable, or likable person lately, especially during this time of year.   My mind is narrowly focused on exams.  I’m low on energy despite my protein and caffeine intake.  I’m just exhausted and probably quick with people that I usually enjoy a nice conversation with.  There’s no love lost.  I’m still learning to balance life and law school and how not to forever be thinking of some topic in the law during exam period. 

I’ll work on this Vavoom demeanor I’ve got going on.  But, Vavoom is hanging around, at least, for the next couple of weeks. He’ll slowly disappear this Thursday (when I take my Professional Responsibility exam), then a little more of Vavoom will be gone on Monday December 13th (after my American Indian law exam).  Vavoom will likely vanish for good after my Estates & Trust exam on December 17th.

Until then, sorry, Vavoom’s here to stay. 

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