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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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September 8th, 2010
Today marks the third week of class for me this semester, and the first day of high school for my son! 

After concluding a long weekend spent in Washington, D.C., things are back to "normal" and I am enthusiastic about new beginnings for my family.  The fun heat of summer is over and some life changing events that summer presented are behind me and I am forging full speed ahead.   

To debrief you on some of what I’ve been up to, a quick summary will suffice.  Of course, I worked; I took one summer class and did some traveling here and there.  (Chicago, Mackinaw Island and Alabama).  This is the first summer that I’ve taken classes in law school. I attended class during the day, two days a week and went into work after class.  I must say that going to class first then to work was much more demanding for me than my normal – work first then school – schedule.   

Summer school ended for me the last week in July.  That left 3 weeks for free time—at least that's what I planned.  Unfortunately, a dear family member passed the day after my final exam and I was consumed with that for the three weeks that I'd set aside for rest and leisure.  Operating on nearly empty, a co-worker and counselor urged me to get out of town and take a step back from everything before classes resumed.  I took her advice and did a spontaneous road trip the weekend before classes started.  Although I stayed in Michigan, I was able to hit the beach, tour some san dunes, shop for tulips, visit Frederick Meijer, and shop the outlets!  That weekend was full of fun.  It was a time for my son and me to reconnect and recharge our batteries.   

Fast forward, two weeks of school are behind me.  I’m taking one additional class than normal.  I am taking four class (11 credit hour schedule) – and it's time for me to start outlining this week.  Some students wait until closer to finals before outlining, and some begin the first week of school.  As for me, it's best to start around this time to make final exam time a bit less stressful and more manageable.   

Things are great for me today, because my son – who, by no means, is an academic aficionado – was very excited to begin high school and has set some high goals for himself.  A quick reflection is a must when one reaches such a milestone as becoming a high school student or, more importantly, the parent of one.  All I know is that time passes more quickly than we can treasure the moments.  Going forward, I will take more pictures and take time to slow down more often to enjoy and treasure the moments and memories coming the next four years.   

Until next time, keep it moving.

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