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on Friday, 21 October 2011
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March 13th, 2011
Great Weekend!

This past Thursday was my hearing with the Board of Veterans’ Appeals for one of my clients in the Veterans Law Clinic.  I think it went really well and it was definitely one of the more exciting things I’ve been able to do so far in my legal career.  Unfortunately, the Board can take up to six months to release its decision, so I don’t know the outcome yet!

Friday I worked all day and then ran some errands I had been putting off for weeks.  It’s really sad when you start accumulating pay checks because you can’t find time to get to the bank.  In addition to the bank, I was able to drop off some dry cleaning, went grocery shopping and I even went to the mall to get my mom a birthday gift. 

Saturday was my mom’s birthday, but unfortunately I also had a lot of other things going on so I didn’t get to spend hardly any time with her! Luckily, she understood, but it still does not seem right.  In the morning I had to go into the clinic and was stuck at school until about 5, then I met up with my family for my mom’s birthday dinner.  Right after dinner I had to leave though because Saturday night was the 2L Bachelor/Bachelorette Auction in downtown Royal Oak.  It was an amazingly successful event.  There was a great turn out and we were able to raise over $600! It definitely exceeded our expectations. 

Today was supposed to be a homework day.  Saturday was a late night, so I ended up sleeping in and, honestly being quite lazy for most of the day.  Panic set in around 6pm and I’ve been working ever since; however, I still don’t feel like I’ve accomplished enough for the weekend so I will be getting back to it now. 

It’s almost 1:30AM right now and I have to be at school by 8:30AM. Sadly, I think I’m pulling an all-nighter.  Definitely not the ideal way to start the week, but I bet tomorrow will certainly be interesting!

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