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Posted by Ryan Gutierrez
Ryan Gutierrez
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on Thursday, 20 October 2011
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Having a family, working and attending law school. 
One of my most challenging day-to-day responsibilities is making sure that I am being a good parent.  Parenting skills cannot be learned by reading a book.  The skills required to be a good parent are learned during the process of raising children.  This by far is the most challenging skills I've yet to learn.  When you have another person's life in your hands (your children) it's an awesome responsibility.  You have to instill in them everything that it takes to help them to develop into the person that God wants them to be.  My colleagues with families would agree that being away from family to pursue personal goals leaves a feeling of guilt and selfishness.    
In order for families to work, they require time and attention.  I have to remind myself of this from time-to-time.   Prospective law students should not let the mere fact of work and family be an excuse to not work towards your goals.  In fact, families can become strengthened when one person makes the tough decision to do what is not easy -- adding to an already hectic work load.  Although you will spend a lot of time away from the family, staying connected is possible.  Designate specific times to spend with your spouse, and other time to spend with the entire family.  If you have more than one child, it may be necessary to have one-on-one time with all of them. By no means will it be easy, but by all means doable. 
Your children will fulfill their dreams with you as a reachable example of someone who sacrificed to achieve theirs.

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