About to do my first trial - ahh!

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Alison Carruthers
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on Wednesday, 17 April 2013
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I'm going to be doing my first full trial tonight, as part of my Trial Practice class.  Its basically our final exam for that class, so each aspect of our performance will be graded.  

I wanted to write this blog post in 2 phases to give you the full spectrum.  The first being today, right before the trial actually happens - because as we speak, I'm in at the height of stress and nervousness!  So this post will be more about the raw emotions going into it.  Then I'll write later about how it actually went, and hopefully I'll be much calmer and give a different perspective :)  

So all semester we learned how to do things like question witnesses on the stand (direct and cross), admit exhibits to the court, opening and closing statements, objections, questioning experts, etc.  And also we learned how to prepare for trial, which is really the biggest part of it.  All of the other stuff goes smoothly as long as you're well prepared.

So the preparation is the killer, and its what makes me so anxious to just get it overwith.  I have to prepare for things like:  forgetful witnesses, witnesses saying something a little different than what I thought they'd say, surprise objections from opposing counsel, and any other surprises.  Its a big game of chess, and I have to be prepared for a variety of moves.

Its a huge challenge, and even though its very stressful - I like the challenge.  It makes you want to WIN.  You've put so much time and preparation into a million details, so you have a great deal of pride going into your work - and once you get to the phase I'm at now on the eve of trial you just want it to happen!

Wish me luck, and I'll see you on the other side!

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