4 Weeks of Freedom

Posted by Kelly Carranza
Kelly Carranza
Year: 3L Evening Undergrad: B.A. Latin American Studies, Oakland Un
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on Monday, 29 July 2013
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Summer exams are over! (That statement of course excludes those recent grads who are sitting for the bar over the next two days....ALL THE BEST TO EACH OF YOU!)  So, now what?! Well, for me, I'll be focusing on catching up with friends, getting everything back in line at work, and just trying to do as little as possible - I might even relax...might!  Doing as little as possible is completely not my style, but as I look forward to the fall semester I'm thinking it would probably be a smart move because there certainly won't be time to waste this time around.  There never really is time to waste unless I creatively make time, but this year I'll be balancing more than I have before and so no matter how creative I may think I am; I still can't add hours to the day. 

But, what about you? What will you do with your 4 weeks left before classes begin?  If you are an incoming 1L - just enjoy!  I remember those weeks leading up to the first year of law school, and it should be no surprise to you that I was nervous, excited, sometimes proud, and probably just about terrified at the thought of failing miserably at something I had wanted for so long.  I took a vacation in late August just before orientation and during that vacation I read Law 101 on the beach because an email came by saying that it was a good summer read.  I also read Law School Confidential as a last ditch effort to talk myself out of showing up on the first day of orientation. Don't be me.  Just relax and enjoy as much time with your friends and family while you can.  Get organized early and start off on the right foot.  But please, please do not start doubting yourself right out of the gate - it is a waste of time and energy to recover from that place.   Come to the first day of orientation ready to rock.  Come refreshed and focused. 

Until then...I'll work on taking my own advice!

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Year: 3L Evening
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