Costs of Attendance

Cost of Attendance budgets are based on a two-semester academic year.  With the exception of the first-year dual JD program, summer classes are optional.  A separate summer application for summer school aid is available in February each year for the immediately subsequent summer.

Costs of Attendance are listed here by program and are broken down between first year and upper class as appropriate.  Students in the US/Canadian dual-degree program are reminded that Costs of Attendance listed here reflect only the Detroit Mercy costs.  Costs of Attendance for study abroad programs are based on the costs determined by the host school.  All Cost of Attendance budgets should be viewed as a guide to assist students to prepare their own budgets based upon personal needs.

Cost of Attendance budgets are based upon a moderate standard of living in the Detroit metropolitan area, and include all regular costs associated with the student’s attendance at the law school without parental or other outside assistance.  Books and supplies estimates are based upon the cost of purchasing all books.  There are more opportunities to rent books than in the past, which can save students significant amounts of money.  First-year student books for most classes are used for the full year, which means that those students may also be able to save on books and supplies even if they have to purchase books at full price.  All students may save money on supplies such as paper, pens and notebooks by purchasing these at back-to-school sales at local discount or drug stores.

Students who have savings, income from work or support from family, friends or outside agencies should consider those resources before borrowing the maximum loans available.  We encourage students to borrow only what they need.  Loans can be increased if a student borrows less than their budgeted amount at the beginning of an academic year and needs an increase later in the year.  Unused portions of loans may also be returned to the lender to avoid the accrual of interest and the possibility of overspending.

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