Preparing to Practice

State Bar of Michigan representatives, judges, and practicing attorneys have emphasized the importance of exposing students to practical lawyering skills during law school in order to facilitate students' transition from law school to law firms and other legal employment settings. As a result of this feedback, UDM Law initiated Preparing to Practice, a series of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions. We work closely with the bench, practicing bar, and the State Bar of Michigan to develop programs that will integrate the realities of practice into the classroom.

Past topics have included: Commitment to Service, Time Management and Effective and Ethical Billing, Best Practices in Litigation, Trial and Appellate Litigation, Practical Practice of Law, Best Practices in Administrative Law, Marketing a Legal Practice, Client Retention, and Preparing to Practice specialized areas of law including Corporate Law, Employment and Labor Law, Tax Law, and Intellectual Property Law, to name a few.