Business & Finance
Lawrence Lavender, LL.B., J.D.
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Financial Services

The Director of Business & Finance processes all business-related finances. Student accounts and donations are not handled by this department; they are processed by the Registrar or Advancement respectively.

For all reimbursements, the following amounts apply to employees and students. It is very important that you only pay for your own expenses; do not split a check with another traveler. This may cause one or both of you to not be fully reimbursed. The University does not reimburse employees and students for alcohol purchased with meals.

Mileage Rate - .555/mile
Meals with Receipts - $40.00/day
Meals w/o Receipts - $25.00/day

Employee Reimbursements are submitted on the “Employee Expense and Travel Reimbursement” form. This form needs to be complete and accurate. Please use the date you are submitting the form in the top right corner and then include a complete name and address. You must put the purpose for your travel or expenses and location on the space provided. If you know your vendor number, please enter it. If you are unsure, then please leave it blank. Ignore the boxed area; it is for cash advances only. Each form covers a seven (7) day period. The date goes on the top line of the grid with the itemized expenses for that day below it. You would then total each line to the right with those totals being added going down. The last thing to do is to sign the form on the bottom left and submit it to your supervisor. All expenses listed must have receipts. (The only exception is food as referenced above.) If there are no receipts, there will be no reimbursement; this includes tips, cabs, etc.

Cash Advances are only available to employees. You must use the “Employee Expense and Travel Reimbursement” form for cash advances as well. Use the day you are submitting for the form as the date and then include a full name and address. Fill in the dollar amount of the advance on the second line (top right corner) and the date you are hoping to have the advance received. Complete the reason for expense and location area and then print name, sign, and date the boxed area of the form. You then need to submit the form to your supervisor. When you return from your trip/event, you need to follow the steps above for “Employee Reimbursements” and include your cash advance amount at the bottom of the grid when calculating the totals. If you need to return money to UDM, please pay the Director of Business & Finance. Forms of payment accepted are cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover 

Student Reimbursements are available to students who incur expenses travelling for Moot Court, Admissions, and UDM Legal Clinics. Students must use the “Check Request” form. Please complete the full name and address of the student and enter your student number in the space provided as “Vendor #.” You can select the check be returned to the requesting department or mailed to your home. (Students may not select hold check for pick-up.) If you have it returned to the School of Law, we will hold it for you in Administrative Services. Please use the current date for date requested; date required is not applicable on reimbursements. The attention field stays blank, as well as the FOAP space. Remember that you will only be reimbursed for expenses for which you have receipts. They must be within University guidelines and listed individually in date order. Use the “Quantity” column for the date. For daily meals, list each receipt on a separate line with each total under “Unit Cost” and the total for meals for the day under “Total Cost.” Once all receipts are listed, add your ‘totals’ at the bottom. You must then submit the form to the department that had you travel.

Purchasing goods or services for the University should be done in one of two ways. Check Requests should be used for any purchase that is under $500.00 or such expenses as annual dues, conference fees, or reimbursing a non-employee. If your purchase is greater than $500.00, you must submit a quote/request to the Director of Business & Finance. Once the quote is submitted, a purchase requisition will be initiated. If the purchase requisition is approved, you will be given a purchase order number and may proceed with the purchase. If you make the purchase without a purchase order being issued, there is no guarantee that it will be paid by the University. If you are using a vendor that we have not used since November 2007, then you must make sure we have a valid Form W-9 on file for them. If you are unsure, please contact the Director of Business & Finance. If the purchase requires an ongoing contract (such as a lease) then it must be initiated through our office to ensure proper signatures. Please make sure your vendor knows we are tax-exempt as we will not pay for taxes on invoices.

Any disputes between the paid amount of a reimbursement and the amount submitted can be audited by appointment with the Purchasing Department at the McNichols campus of the university. The process can be initiated by contacting the Director of Business & Finance.