Download PDF of these instructions

These instructions will guide you through the new process of printing from any of the 10 student computers in the library.

To use the new printing process, you must have available:

  • Your UDM email address
  • Your student “T” number

If you do not know both of these items, please go to TitanConnect  for assistance.

You can print any document format supported by Microsoft Office 2010.  Additionally, you can print PDF documents.

If you need to print an image file ( jpg, gif, tiff, png, etc.) you must (1) insert the image file into one of the supported document types, (2) save the document to your computer, (3) select that document for printing.

Step 1.  Log into one of the library student computers as user “udmlaw”.  If the prior user has not logged out, you must log out and then log back in again.

Step 2.  The first time that you select a document for printing (after you log into the computer) you will see the PaperCut pop-up window.  Enter your username and password and press the “Log in” button.  Your print job will be placed into a holding queue until you release it for printing.


Step 3.  After submitting a print job you can choose to immediately release your print job from the holding queue (do this only if you will retrieve the printout immediately) or you can continue working and release your print job(s) at a later time.

Step 4.  To release your print job from the holding queue, see the section “Releasing a Print Job from the Holding Queue” on page 2

Releasing a Print Job from the Holding Queue

Once you have submitted your print job(s) for printing, you must complete the printing request by manually releasing the job(s) to the printer.  You can initiate the release of your print job(s) through one of the library student computers or you can use the walk-up release station computer located on the table where the student printers are placed.

Your print job(s) will remain in the holding queue for up to 6 hours, after which they will be automatically deleted from the queue.  You will not be charged for any print jobs that are automatically deleted.

Step 1.  On the desktop of the library student computers double-click the icon labeled “Print Release”.  If the icon is not shown on the desktop, then open a browser window (you can use either Internet Explorer or Firefox) and navigate to   http://LS2BDC:9191/user   at which point the PaperCut log in menu will be displayed.

If you choose to use the walk-up release station computer located near the printers, the PaperCut log in menu will already be displayed on the screen.

Step 2.  Enter your “Username” and “Password” into the PaperCut log in menu.

Step 3.  When the following PaperCut menu is displayed, click the option labeled.


Step 4.  If you wish to release your print job to the printer, click the “print” option and your job will begin printing.  The cost for printing the job will be debited from your account.

If you click the “cancel” option, your job will be deleted from the print queue and you will not be charged any cost.