Trial Practice (3770)

This course is designed to instruct the student on how to perceive trial issues and to develop litigation skills and an understanding of the trial process. Assigned readings and lectures will provide background for the courtroom exercises that are to be performed during class. Class attendance is mandatory. Students will play the roles of jurors, witnesses and opposing counsel. Students learn by performing, watching, critiquing and asking questions.

The main objective of this class will be for the student to use their initiative to proficiently perform the duties and functions of a trial lawyer before and during trial making good tactical and strategic decisions as an effective advocate. In this regard, the course will cover trial procedures such as developing a theory of the case, jury selection, opening statement, direct and cross-examination of witnesses, introduction of evidence, making and responding to objections, and closing arguments.

Students who are registered in or have completed Law 3880, Trial Practice NITA, are not eligible to register in this course for academic credit.

Course Details

  • Credits: 3