6000 Series

Advanced Advocacy (6000)

Advanced Advocacy was designed and is taught from the perspective that advocacy is more than applied skill; in its purest form, advocacy is a form of art. 

Advanced Legal Research (6370)

Advanced Legal Research covers both federal and Michigan legal research resources. A host of formats and databases will be taught, to include Westlaw and LexisNexis (new and traditional interfaces), other popular subscription databases, free legal Websites, and print resources (when required by law firms). 




Cross Border Sales and Financing Transactions (6360)

This 8-credit course, spanning Terms I and II, is a dual degree course offering that is designed around a uniform, cross border sale of goods transaction.

Ernie Goodman Mock Trial Tournament (6040)

The Ernie Goodman Mock Trial Tournament is hosted by the Moot Court Board of Advocates and named for one of Michigan's finest trial attorneys and civil rights advocates, Mr. Ernie Goodman.

Expert and Scientific Evidence (6330)

This course addresses the rationale for the development of special rules relating to expert testimony...

External National Moot Court Competition (6070)

Each year the Moot Court Board of Advocates sponsors competitive teams that travel across the country to argue mock appellate cases against law students from other American and Canadian law schools.

Federal Criminal Law (6220)

This course will explore the nature and scope of the substantive federal criminal law, giving particular attention to the federal government's role in proscribing crimes of violence, drug crimes, and other street-level criminal activity.

Legal and Practical Issues in Computer Crime (6310)

This course will explore the legal and practical issues confronting judges, prosecutors, private attorneys, and law enforcement officers as they try to apply principles of criminal and constitutional law...

Litigation Technology (6350)

This course will teach law students interested in becoming trial lawyers how to integrate technology into their trial presentations. 

Moot Court Associate Board (6020)

This Board is selected to serve as the leaders of the Moot Court Board as Associate Directors. 

Moot Court Executive Board (6030)

This Board is elected to serve as leaders of the Moot Court Board of Advocates as Executive Directors. 

Moot Court General Board Members (6010)

The Moot Court Board of Advocates is the student organization responsible for our moot court program, which is designed to develop and hone written and oral advocacy skills. 

National Security Law (6400)

The primary focus is on the war against terrorism by understanding executive and congressional national security powers under the Constitution and case law...

Patrick A. Keenan Memorial Appellate Advocacy Tournament (6050)

The Patrick A. Keenan Memorial Appellate Advocacy Tournament is an internal moot court competition administrated by UDM's Moot Court Board of Advocates.