5000 Series

Advanced Immigration Law Clinic (5061)

An Advanced Immigration Law Clinic for 2 credit hours is available to students who have completed the 4 hour Immigration Law Clinic course.

Criminal Trial Clinic (5020)

Students represent misdemeanor defendants in district courts.

Externship (5160)

Students perform a minimum of 120 hours or a maximum of 180 hours during the semester.  Students meet as a class each week and submit time/action reports, keep journals, and write a paper at the end of their experience. 

Immigration Law Clinic (5060)

Students represent immigrants seeking a variety of relief and benefits, including family sponsorship, Violence Against Women Act petitions, and Special Immigrant Juvenile Status. 

Intellectual Property Law Clinic (5300)

Under the supervision of patent attorneys registered to practice before the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (PTO), students will write patent applications for needy inventors.

Juvenile Law Appellate Clinic (5100)

The Clinic will involve students representing children in appeals to the Michigan Court of Appeals from trial court proceedings in the Wayne County Juvenile Court. 

Mediation Training (5070)

Students develop mediation skills while at the same time completing the 40-hour training which is one of the requirements to be a court-approved mediator. 

State Appellate Defenders Office (SADO) Criminal Advocacy Clinic (5030)

In the clinic, students will work on plea appeals and will prepare a criminal appellate brief to be submitted to the circuit court, Michigan Court of Appeals or Michigan Supreme Court under the supervision of attorneys from the State Appellate Defender Office. 

Veterans Law Clinic (5200)

Students participating in the Veterans Law Clinic will have the opportunity to represent military veterans and their families in disability cases.