2000 Series

Immigration Law (2960)

A study of the constitutional and extra-constitutional law bases and restrictions on the power to regulate immigration into the United States. 

Introduction to Canadian Law (2340)

Students will learn about the Canadian legal system through introductory lectures and a series of hands-on, practical exercises that simulate the practice of law in Ontario. 

Introduction to French Law (2630)

The course goes through an historical introduction, focusing on the sources of law.

Law and Literature (2350)

This course will examine the psychological and ethical dimensions of the practice of law through reading and analysis of literary and scholarly works. 

Law and Religion (2320)

An examination of the interrelationship between religion and society, focusing on the Establishment and Free Exercise clauses of the First Amendment. 

Law Shariah (Islamic Law) (2190)

This course explores classical and contemporary understandings of Islamic law. Because there are several "schools" of Islamic law and no central religious adjudicative body, we will first examine what, exactly, Islamic law is.

Professional Responsibility (2470)

This course covers the sources and application of legal ethics rules, including the role of lawyer as "advocate" and "counselor." 

Prosecutorial Ethics (2970)

This course is designed to cover the unique ethical issues that prosecutors face in criminal cases. 

Public Sector Labor Law (2400)

Study of the legal and policy considerations which structure and define the still emerging area of public employee unionization. 

Sales (2490)

A study of the important principles of Articles 2 (sale of goods) and 2A (leases) of the Uniform Commercial Code and of their practical application. 

Secured Transactions (2500)

A study of the law governing the creation, perfection, and enforcement of security interests in personal property under Article 9 of the Uniform Commercial Code. 

The Death Penalty in America (2600)

This course examines the United States Supreme Court's death penalty jurisprudence since the late 1960s, with particular emphasis on the development of the Court's 8th Amendment 'death is different' jurisprudence. 

U.S. Basic Federal Income Taxation (2520)

 An introduction to the Federal income tax system.

U.S. Civil Procedure (2080)

This course will focus on the rules of procedure in the United States courts in civil litigation. 

U.S. Constitutional Law (2060)

A study of the origins and fundamentals of judicial review and the constitutional litigation process, and of several important constitutional law topics...