Items starting with U

U.S. and Canadian Immigration Law (6230)

The course will cover the fundamentals of immigration law in Canada and the U.S. 

U.S. Basic Federal Income Taxation (2520)

 An introduction to the Federal income tax system.

U.S. Civil Procedure (2080)

This course will focus on the rules of procedure in the United States courts in civil litigation. 

U.S. Constitutional Law (2060)

A study of the origins and fundamentals of judicial review and the constitutional litigation process, and of several important constitutional law topics...

U.S. Securities Regulation (3700)

An in-depth study of problems under the Securities Act of 1933 and the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.

Upper Level Critical Legal Skills Lab (2101)

This course, which focuses on enhancing students’ ability to engage in legal analysis, is coordinated with the subject of Criminal Procedure.