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Patent Law (3500)

A study of the basic legal mechanisms of patent law for encouraging and protecting inventions with emphasis on substantive patent law...

Patrick A. Keenan Memorial Appellate Advocacy Tournament (6050)

The Patrick A. Keenan Memorial Appellate Advocacy Tournament is an internal moot court competition administrated by UDM's Moot Court Board of Advocates. 

Payment System Law (2560)

This course will include some of the material previously covered in the course in Sales, but with greater depth and detail. The primary focus of the course will be Articles 3 (negotiable instruments), 4 (Bank Deposits), 4A (electronic funds transfers), 5 (letters of credit) and associated federal legislation and regulations.

Private Sector Labor Law (2390)

This course covers the historical development of federal labor legislation with emphasis on the National Labor Relations Act, the Norris-LaGuardia Act, the Taft-Hartley Act, and the Labor-Management Disclosure Act.

Professional Responsibility (2470)

This course covers the sources and application of legal ethics rules, including the role of lawyer as "advocate" and "counselor." 

Property (1120)

This course covers both personal and real property concepts that provide a necessary foundation for many advanced courses. 

Public Sector Labor Law (2400)

Study of the legal and policy considerations which structure and define the still emerging area of public employee unionization.