Frequently Asked Questions


    Who may apply for the Certificate in Law?

    Anyone with a Bachelor’s degree is eligible to apply for admission.* A legal background is not required, however, attorneys may apply. 

    (*University of Detroit Mercy undergraduate students in the College of Engineering may take two courses toward the Certificate in Law during their senior year.)


    Is a legal background required?

    No, the course is designed for non-lawyers. It is also appropriate for attorneys seeking to learn about intellectual property, such as litigators who work in intellectual property law or who negotiate contracts that involve intellectual property and seek more formal training.


    How long will it take to complete the Certificate in Law?

    The Certificate in Law requires completion of four seven-week, three-credit courses offered over the duration of one year (three semesters). Students may elect to complete the Certificate over the course of two years.


    How much time can I expect to devote to course study each week?

    Students can expect to spend approximately five hours per week on coursework, including completing the readings, exercises, and engaging in online discussion with experts in the field.

    When do classes meet?

    All classes are online and students may tailor their schedule as needed. Course materials and assignments will be regularly posted for completion within a specific time-frame.


    Is there training in the online format used to teach the courses?

    Yes. Training on the learning software will be provided free of charge.


    What is the cost per course?

    Each course is $2,500, to be paid in advance of start date. Four courses are required to earn the Certificate in Law.


    Can I take one or two courses, and not pursue the Certificate in Law?

    The Introduction to Intellectual Property Law and the Cybersecurity Law courses may be taken individually, although discounts are only available for those pursuing the Certificate.


    Are discounts available?

    Yes. The following discounts are available:

    • 10% off for 3-4 participants of the same company
    • 25% off for 5-10 participants of the same company
    • 10% off for federal or state employees
    • 10% off for active military members
    • 10% off for Detroit Mercy alumni
    • Discounts are also available for members of Automation Alley
      * Only one discount may be applied

    Is financial aid available?

    No. Students may, however, seek loans from private lenders.


    Can I earn Continuing Education credits?

    CE credit may be available. Contact your licensing or professional governing body to inquire about earning CE credits.


    Is the Certificate in Law ABA-Approved?

    The Certificate in Law program is approved by the Higher Learning Commission and has received ABA acquiescence.


    Is there a webinar with additional information?